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EVSE Charge Point Test unit
EVSE Charge Point Test unit

EVSE Charge Point Test unit

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The electric vehicle CHARGEPOINT TEST UNIT is designed to fully test a charging point for compliance with IEC61851 mode 3. Housed in a GRP carry case, the system is lightweight, portable and extremely rugged. 

• Two metre cable with IEC62196 type 2 connector. Other types can be fitted on request.

• Tests all three phases, neutral and earth for continuity.

• Welded contactor detection.

• Separate indicators for all three phases.

• Provides for State A, B, C and D as per IEC61851.

• Optional “diode failure” button.

• Integrated BS1363 socket outlet for the connection of test equipment, loads etc. Socket can be connected to all 3 phases via selector switch.

• Power indicator provided for BS1363 outlet.

• IP54 rating.

• LED indicators.

• Maintenance free.

• A4 stainless steel mounting plate.

• Two year warranty.

All controls and indicators are of industrial rating to ensure ease of use and longevity when used in the field!

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