The Energy Specialists. manufacturing & supplying power systems for over 30 years
The Energy Specialists. manufacturing & supplying power systems for over 30 years

Welcome to the Doyle Family and there journey to Independence!

Meet the Doyles, a family of five nestled in the serene Blessington countryside of County Wicklow.

They, like many, believed that installing solar panels was the sole way to harness the power of the sun. However, there more to their story than meets the eye.

Traditional Grid Connection? Think Again!
Yes, you heard it right! The conventional approach involved solar panels linked to the existing grid supplied by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board). Its a system most solar installers follow, known as grid-connected.Solar panels, converters, and the grid – its a formula we all know well.

But the Doyles took a different path!
When the Doyles reached out to us, they had no idea that there were alternative solutions beyond the traditional grid-tie solar system. We sat down with them to unveil a world of possibilities and introduce them to our groundbreaking technology – the ECO-Gen Smart Grid Energy Storage
System (ESS). Your Gateway to Energy Independence!
Our ECO-Gen Smart Grid ESS doesn't just offer a solar solution; its a game-changer that transforms your property into a self-sufficient powerhouse. Once installed, it takes control, offering uninterrupted electricity, free from grid constraints.

Here's the magic:
1. Harvest the Sun: Solar energy from PV panels is efficiently stored inside the ESS unit.
2. Direct Power Source: Electricity flows directly from the ECO-Gen ESS unit, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.
3. Cost-Savvy Charging: The ESS unit can be charged by the ESB during low-cost periods, maximizing your savings.

Join the Off-Grid Revolution!
The Doyles have embraced a new era of energy freedom, and now it's your turn! Bid farewell to grid dependency and step into a greener, more self-reliant world. Say hello to a future powered by ECO-Gen ESS – the key to sustainable, independent energy.
Ready to Make the Switch?
Unlock your potential for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow. Embrace the power of ECO-Gen Smart Grid ESS today
and experience a world where you control your energy destiny. Don't just dream it – live it!

Discover ESS. Discover Freedom.
Contact us now to embark on your journey to off-grid living!