The Energy Specialists. manufacturing & supplying power systems for over 30 years
The Energy Specialists. manufacturing & supplying power systems for over 30 years

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

The Diesel Generator story!


Off grid home running a diesel generator.


The constant rumble of a diesel generator, a never-ending necessity to keep the lights on, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Your Solution:


When challenges seemed insurmountable, our customer turned to us for answers. The problem? No access to a main grid connection due to the remote location. But we don't back down from challenges; we innovate!


Introducing the Ultimate Solution: Generator + Energy Storage


JTM Power engineered a groundbreaking solution, seamlessly combining a generator with an energy storage system. The result? A transformative shift from 24/7 generator operation to just 2 hours a day.


What Does This Mean for You?


- Eco-Friendly Living: Say farewell to prolonged noise and pollution. Embrace the serenity you deserve.


- Fuel Efficiency: With reduced generator use, enjoy a significant boost in fuel efficiency and cost savings of up to 90%.


What we didn’t tell you is there 3 independent building running from that generator


- Seamless Power: Our innovative system design ensures that all three buildings receive power simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and convenience for all residents.


The story is a testament to JTM Power's commitment to turning challenges into opportunities. Your path to energy freedom begins here, where innovation meets sustainable living.


Ready to Experience Your Energy Revolution?


Contact JTM Power today and let us craft a tailor-made solution that will redefine your energy needs, making everyday living efficient, eco-friendly, and serene. Your journey towards a brighter, quieter, and more sustainable future starts now!